WILD JÄMTLAND – Bear guild

Treat yourselves with a real wild life watching experience! During 2017 we have the honour to offer five occasions with food from our own cook Margaretha Simonsson and guiding from Johan Nyqvist.

We will meet you late afternoon, early evening at a designated location and our guide Johan will escort you to the Renflocamp where a Jämtland theme dinner is served. Johan will talk about bears, wild life watching, photography, other predators and about how to increase your chances for large encounters and experiences during the night. After a satisfying dinner you will prepare some snacks from a buffet to bring with that will last you throughout the night and for the breakfast. You will then be escorted to each hideout by one of our staff members to make sure you settle into the hideout. Before we leave you for the night we will decide upon

a time of return the following morning.

Available dates 2017 (other dates are available for groups larger than 4 persons):

27-28 May

17-18 June

22-23 July

5-6 August

12-13 August

Price: 2500 sek/person (including vat and 20% booking fee)

Wild Jämtland – Hideout Night

A night spent with only you, the forest and the bears! We will meet you at a designated location in the early evening and drive with you out to your hideout. You are responsible for bringing your own snacks and food for the night so that you last to the next day. When we drop you off in the evening, we will decide on a pickup time for the following morning. After that you are alone in a film of nature the whole night.

Price: 1250 SEK/person (including vat and 20% booking fee)

4500 SEK/Hideout (4 people or families)

+46 63-57 41 06